Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can Luna go to the fair?

It is hot.  I mean really hot.  I mean, walking in a swamp on the sun hot.  The problem is that starting today is the county 4-H fair that I work with and I'll be there most of the day for the next few days.

When I adopted Luna I was really looking forward to bringing her to the 4-H fair.  This would be a great opportunity for her to encounter some new sights, smells, and people.  Unfortunately, because it is so hot I'm not sure bringing her to the fair, even for a little while, is a great idea.  There is no where on the fairgrounds where she could find relief from the heat and with so many small children running around, I'm not sure if she would be able to handle the stress.  For now, I'm leaving Luna at home in the air conditioning, but my hope is that she will be able to attend just a few hours at some point this weekend.

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