Saturday, July 23, 2011

Luna goes to the fair

Mike and Luna check out the Fair.
Luna greets visitors.
It was hot today, but I brought Luna to the Morris County 4-H Fair prepared to only stay for about an hour.  I figured she would be miserable in such a crazy environment and would want to escape as soon as possible.  When we first adopted her (which was only three weeks ago) she was terrified of young children and frightened of dogs larger than a beagle.  How would she handle roosters crowing, greeting seeing eye dogs, noisy carnival rides, and tons of children screaming "doggie!"?

It turns out, Luna loves the fair, especially the rabbits, chickens and turkey.  Every time the turkey gobbled she perked up her ears and barked.  It was pretty funny to see her get so animated, but we did keep our distance.

I was amazed at how well she tolerated young children petting her.  There were only a few she avoided, but they were pretty wild and I wanted to get away, too.  Most people she greeted with a big greyhound hug.  Many people who stopped to pet her wanted to learn more about greyhounds as pets and were very interested in adopting one.  Maybe next year we'll see more greyhounds at the fair.

Since she did so well I am looking forward to brining her to the Somerset County 4-H Fair in August.  She may even compete in the costume class.

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