Monday, July 25, 2011

No nail cutting

Luna's front nails are pretty long and I've been doing my best to work with her at letting me cut just the smallest bit from each nail.  The problem is that her nails are black and I have no idea where the quick starts.  I suspect it is pretty close since she is very reactive when I try to cut the nail.  Another problem is that my nail cutters are very dull.  This makes it harder for me to get a clean cut and I end up having to spend way too much time on each nail.  I get more and more frustrated and stressed and as a result Luna becomes stressed by the whole process.  This has become such a problem that nail cutting has just about come to a halt.  I will need to get my nail cutters sharpened before I can resume our sessions.

The good news is that she recovers quickly from our sessions.  I got so frustrated this evening that I left the room to get my negative energy away from her.  In just a few minutes she began seeking me out and has now settled by my side at the computer.  What a good girl to forgive me so quickly.

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