Saturday, May 19, 2012

Out of the Box

Car ride!
Remember last summer when I left Luna alone for a couple of hours and she destroyed the bathroom?  Since then, Luna has stayed in her crate during any of our absences.  Over the year, she has figured out the routine and will willingly go into her crate when she sees me gather up my shoes and purse.  Since she has settled into our routine so well and she does not seem as nervous when we leave, Mike and I have been testing her staying out of the crate while we are out.  So far, everything has gone well.  This week, we took the tests to the next level by letting her stay a full work day out of the crate.  When we came home, we found a happy dog enjoying her pillow and peanut butter kong.  We will continue testing her to make sure there are no problems leaving her out of the crate, but we hope to take down the crate soon.  We'll keep her pillows and blankets in the kitchen, but it will be nice not to have so much of the kitchen taken up by the crate.

To reward Luna for her good behavior, Mike and I took her to the local dog park after dinner last night.  She was very happy to go for a car ride.  She did a little bit of running around, but I guess it was getting close to her bedtime because she was not as enthusiastic as I would have expected.  Here is a video of her running between Mike and me.


gyeong said...

Glad to see she has matured enough to be left out of the crate. She looks great running around.

Sue said...

So glad Luna is behaving when left, but it's nice to know you can crate her if needs be.

She looked like she was enjoying her run.