Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Photo Shoot

Before sending in Luna's paperwork to become an official therapy dog, I needed to get a current and decent picture of her.  Obviously, I have taken plenty of photos of Luna for the blog so this should not have been a problem.  However, the photo will be used for her ID card so it needs to be one where she is looking at the camera (and doesn't look silly).  So we had a quick photo shoot and here is what we got.
Focusing on the treat.
I think we used this one since her eyes were not glowing as much.
Perfect except for the glowing eye.
How adorable is she with her head tilted?
After I got the picture I needed, Luna was still looking for treats so we started doing some fun shots.  I just love the way her face is so expressive.  Here are some shots I took holding the camera at weird angles and heights.
Pretty girl.
Ruler of the office. This reminds me of a CEO on the cover of a business magazine.
Whatcha lookin' at?
 I haven't talked too much lately about Luna's current tricks so here are pictures of some of her favorites.  Obviously, they're better to see on video.



Hiking Hounds said...

She is so cute with her little head tilt. The last picture is super sweet. :-)

gyeong said...

Very cute! Our black girl became more expressive as her face whitened, and she got white eyebrows.

Sue said...

She's looking so happy:)