Monday, May 21, 2012

Sous Chef

I always joke that Luna likes to think she is helping in the kitchen.  She is very good at watching for anything that might fall on the floor or cleaning messy fingers.  However, her extra help can get a bit overwhelming at times.  When we are moving around the kitchen a lot, we ask her to go into her crate.  She is very good about staying in the crate when we are rushing around the kitchen which makes life easier for all of us.  We don't trip over her and she doesn't get a hot water bath.

As a reward, I usually give Luna a nice treat after I'm done in the kitchen.  We are a bit short on cookies lately (somebody needs to make a run to the pet store) so I brought out an even better prize.  She got a nearly empty jar of peanut butter!  Usually she licks the jar in her crate since can be messy, but I decided to see what she would do if it kept rolling away from her.  Here is a video of her solution.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Why buy expensive treats and toys to keep Luna occupied when an almost empty jar of Peanut Butter will keep her happy for hours:)