Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Testing Her Good Behavior

It's been a busy week for Luna and we're only half way through!

On Monday, Luna went with me to a 4-H Cloverbud meeting to teach Pet Care.  She behaved beautifully around the young kids.  Each member gave Luna a treat, pet her, and had her perform a trick.  We talked about dog safety, what you need to care for a dog, and basic obedience.  The only part Luna had trouble with was with the pet rabbits.  She was VERY interested in meeting them.  After the rabbits were done with their presentation, we put them back in the car so Luna would not be tempted.  She was an angel after they were gone.

Continuing on Luna's good behavior, Ashley and I took Luna and Chewie to be tested as therapy dogs this evening.  It was a pretty crazy environment, but both dogs handled the other dogs, kids, and adults perfectly.  During the test I was not allowed to use treats so I was a little nervous about keeping Luna's focus.  There really was no need to worry because Luna completed all the trials beautifully.  She even resisted a giant treat on the floor when I told her to "leave it".  What I was most impressed by was her stay and recall.  I wasn't sure if she would listen, but she did great.

Chewie had a little more trouble with the test.  She is a very good dog and will make a great therapy dog, but she was a little nervous.  To start, the judge touched Chewie's tail and ears which set her off on the wrong foot.  Next, Chewie had to demonstrate a sit and down.  Sit was no problem, but Chewie never learned down and she had to perform a down if she was going to pass the test.  By pure luck, Chewie finally went into a down.  Yes!  The rest of the trials were fine after that.

So both dogs have passed their therapy dog tests and are on their way to going on visits.  Luna's still got more planned for her week.  Let's keep up the good behavior!


Sue said...

Well done Luna.

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Greyhounds are just the perfect dog for therapy dogs or with children, they are so calm and loving. I was just reading about one being the resident dog in a care home over here and all the people there adore him.

gyeong said...

Congrats on passing with flying colors. I bet those rabbits were quite the distraction.