Friday, May 25, 2012

Thank Goodness for Three Day Weekends

Looking at the big picture, Mike and I can't really complain about much.  We are both working, living in a great neighborhood, and have a healthy dog.  This week has just been tough for all of us, but hopefully we can recover this Memorial weekend.  

Both Mike and I have been working long and crazy hours.  Mine have been the most outrageous this week.  Yesterday, I traveled an hour and a half to south Jersey for an all day meeting.  After the meeting, I traveled two and a half hours (thanks to heavy rainfall and traffic) north to my office to run a youth program in the evening.  I didn't leave the office until after 9:00pm.  Ugh.  On top of my long hours, my car was in the shop because something didn't feel right.  When I get that feeling it is usually for a good reason so I always take it in.  This time it was the tires so it's an easy fix.  In the mean time, I've been driving my brother's car which neither one of us is happy about.

In addition, the weather this week has been awful.  Last weekend was perfect with sunshine and cool temperatures.  This week we have had downpours, thunderstorms, drizzles, and intense fog.  This has limited Luna's outdoor time to the bare necessities.  If the thunderstorms aren't enough to shake you up, our neighbors are having their porch mended so there is a lot of construction noises and strangers walking by.

So poor Luna has spent her week inside, alone most of the day, listening to some scary noises.  No wonder she has been showing some signs of stress (stress yawns and pacing).  My hope is that this weekend will be beautiful and we can all relax with some time at the park.  Personally, I would love to take a nap in the sunshine.


Sue said...

Hope you get your nice weekend. It is lovely here.

gyeong said...

Crazy week. Hope you Holiday weekend is relaxing. I'm sure Luna is looking forward to spending some quality time with mum and dad