Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Black is Beautiful

I follow the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary website and like to keep updated on their special needs animals.  If you have not visited their website check it out at

Solitary Wakeup

It was on their website that I learned about the Back in Black promotion going on until September 17.  This is a nationwide effort to promote adoption of black animals.  There are more black dogs and cats in shelters than any other color and they are usually the ones that people are most afraid of.  Why?  My theory is because dark colored animals body language is harder to see there by making it harder to understand.  People would much prefer the light colored dogs and cats. 

Prior to owning Luna I was not interested in black dogs.  I did not like their graying muzzle which made them appear older.  However, when I signed up to foster a greyhound two years ago I was assigned Solitary Wakeup, and all black greyhound.  I had Solitary for the month of October which was perfect for a black dog.  She was a real sweetheart and one of the most intelligent greyhounds I've met (smart, not trainable).  Fostering Solitary was not only good for her, but it helped me to see black as one of the most beautiful colors a greyhound can come in.


Because of my experience with Solitary Wakeup I was excited to adopt Luna who has turned out to be the best dog for our family.  People are constantly stopping us on walks to pet her because they find her to be so beautiful.  At the fairs, we could barely walk anywhere before getting stopped by someone who just loved how she looked.
I can't think of a better set of ambassadors for adopting a black pet than Luna and Solitary Wakeup.

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