Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shakespeare in the park

I left Luna for just a few hours in the master bathroom while I went in to work.  She has been in the bathroom before during the night, but never with the door closed.  Closing the door was a big mistake because I came back to find that she had torn up the door frame.  Anxious much?  She had also managed to flip the lock so now I could not open the door.  After a few seconds of panic I was able to use a guitar pick to unlock the door and "save" her.  I later discovered with my foot that she had peed on some nearby towels.  At least they are easy to wash. The moral of this story?  Luna cannot be left in a closed bathroom for even a little bit.

Luna tagged along with me last night to the 4-H Fairgrounds.  We were going to help set up, but none of our club members showed up (most are away on vacation or having family emergencies).  I decided to catch up with my parents at the local park that has free plays going on in the summer.  Last night's performance was "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  I've never seen the play and of course Luna is new to the whole experience.

Even though she did not have a blanket to lie down on, she seemed to really enjoy the show.  She intently watched the play when the guys on stage were moving around and laughing.  At one point one character says he will talk about his dream and Luna's ears were up as if she wanted to know about the dream too.  What a cultured dog we have.

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houndstooth said...

Well of course Greyhounds are cultured! Although, when we went to see Shakespeare last weekend, the girls stayed home. I've wanted to take them along to some fun outdoor things this year, but it's just been too hot for any of us.

I'm jealous, they don't allow dogs at our 4H Fair anymore unless they're the ones the kids are showing. I've taken Bunny with us to class when we were teaching it, but I quit when it got so beastly hot. No sense both of us out there sweltering! lol