Thursday, August 4, 2011

On the mends?

Luna spent the week at my parents house while I was busy working a summer camp.  I gave my parents strict instructions on how to feed her, observe her signs, and take note on her behavior.  I spent way too much time kissing Luna and telling her she'd be all right (not sure who we're convincing here).

We love our puppy!
I returned this evening to find a very happy and pretty healthy dog.  Definitely not the sick dog we had on Sunday and from what the folks report she is much improved since I dropped her off.  Her diarrhea has subsided and she is wagging her tail.  Despite my best instructions not to feed her anything but her bland diet, my parents spoiled her with some pieces of apples and pears.  I was pretty annoyed, but I guess I just got a sneak peak at what kind of grandparents they will be (way in the future).

As far as medical reports go, the blood work came back normal except for a low white blood cell count.  The vet suspects that she was sick when we got her and with the combination of stress and food changes it put her body over the edge.  We will continue another round of medicine and see if things continue to improve as she adjusts to her new life.  If not, we'll pick up the testing in about a month.

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houndstooth said...

Our second Greyhound, Hawk, just had a nervous sort of stomach. Whenever he was stressed, he'd get the dreaded big D, but usually it passed pretty quickly. I'm glad to hear Luna is feeling better! If you can't get spoiled and Grandma and Grandpa's house, where can you get spoiled?