Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Luna's Top Five Favorites

We've now had Luna for eight weeks and we are getting a good idea of what she really likes.  Here are Luna's current top five favorites.

What a pretty puppy.
Top Five Favorites

#5) Car rides.  We've never had any trouble getting her to jump into the car and she loves being able to visit new places.

#4) Giving hugs.  She is a real leaner.  I've known some greyhounds that are very happy to hug you with their whole body, but she really takes it to a new level.  Almost every adult she saw at the fair would be instantly greeted with a full weighted lean from Luna.  She also enjoys leaning her body into the lawn chair you are sitting in or resting her heavy head on your lap.

#3) Food.  There's no doubt about it.  Luna is very food motivated.  The judge at the fair commented that she was a real "chow hound".  Since day one we have been working on "leave it", "stay" and "ok" during her meals to help slow her down.  We've also learned that she will taste anything that could potentially be food so we have to be careful to keep the garbage can closed, pick up and put away food items, and keep the pantry door tightly shut.

#2) Small fast moving objects except for cats.  That greyhound instinct is very pronounced in her.  While very good with my pet rodents inside, she would happily give chase to the rabbits, squirrels and skunks in the neighborhood.  For some reason she could care less about the cats.  At the fair we discovered that what she really wants to chase is the radio controlled cars.

And Luna's most favorite thing is...

#1) Me! (and Mike, too)  It is very obvious that we are her favorite people.  That helicopter tail kicks into high gear and her whole body wiggles when we come home from work.  She is excited to see familiar people like our families, but when we come around she always has the happiest greeting for us.  We're glad she loves us so much already because we love her just as much.

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    houndstooth said...

    Ours love the sound of those RC cars, too! It's always so much fun to see them come out of their shells!