Thursday, August 18, 2011

Motorized squirrels

Years ago I discovered the fun that could be had with a greyhound and a go-kart.  My first greyhound, Eris, would get so excited watching the go-karts race around the dirt track at the Somerset County 4-H Fair and would want to give chase.  It took a little bit of time before we learned to run as a team along side the fence around the track.  She quickly learned to slow down so I could keep up and I learned to wear good sneakers.  For some real fun we added my friend Gloria and her greyhounds to the party.  It was amazing to watch the three greyhounds remember their track days and do their best to come in "first".

I was very excited to introduce Luna to this once a year event.  Our first attempt was a little crazy and I'm glad no one saw us.  She was so excited by the go-karts, but did not know which direction to run.  Her solution?  Run in every direction all at once!  After a few more attempts we started to get the hang of the game.  When the go-karts come around the track run along side the fence.  Then run back to meet them as they come around again.  Repeat until owner is exhausted.

What I had not expected was Luna's instant love of the radio controlled cars (RC cars).  When she saw the RC cars flying around their mini dirt track she began barking and jumping to get to them.  Unfortunately, I was not present when this occurred since my brother, dad and Mike were walking her at the time.  They reported having a tough time getting her away from the RC cars.  They had never seen this kind of reaction from a greyhound before and were completely shocked.

Maybe Luna would like an RC car for Christmas.

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