Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Car ride!

Greyhounds are well known for being good travelers. In fact, I have found the best way to catch a loose greyhound is to open up a car door and shout "car ride!"  My neighbor growing up was the president of NJ Greyhound Adoption Program and inspired my love of greyhounds and dog training.  His chow-chow would consistently open the gate and let all the dogs loose.  The greyhounds were the easiest to round us since they gathered by the car, but a few young afghans always took some time to catch. 

She's ready for adventure!
 I mention this because Luna has been doing a fair bit of traveling in the car this week.  It is 4-H fair time in my home county which is keeping me very busy and away from home.  To make sure Luna is not forgotten in all the craziness, she has been accompanying me everywhere.  To work, to the fair, on errands, everywhere!  I am thrilled that she rides so well and enjoys all the new sights. 

While I am not a fan of letting a dog stick their head out the window (very dangerous), I do allow a small amount of freedom at low speeds.  Once we hit the highway she settles right down and waits patiently to arrive at our destination.

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houndstooth said...

Our first pair of hounds once passed up an open garage door to go circle the van in hopes of going for a ride! After I recovered from my near heart attack, we took them for a ride and they both got their own French fries. I'm glad Luna is enjoying the good life!