Sunday, August 28, 2011

Surviving Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene hit us this weekend and it hit hard.  My parent's basement always floods which it did again without any trouble.  However, this time we had plenty of warning so we were able to pick up most everything so clean up will be much easier.  What will be a problem is the two oak trees that fell on their roof.  We've never had to deal with that before.

But enough about human troubles.  Luna was absolutely fantastic through this whole ordeal.  Well, until it came to going potty outside during winds and rain.  She does not like to get her precious feet wet so this weather was less than ideal.  I had purchased a dog raincoat which actually worked great.

Luna is less than thrilled with her new look.
After dealing with the tree all afternoon my parents, brother and a neighbor's family who had helped us out followed Mike and me back to our house (since we have power and running water) for showers, food, and comfy chairs.  Luna was amazing with so many new people in the house.  I forgot to mention that she also went to my parents' 30th anniversary party this weekend (before the hurricane) and was fantastic with so many people wanting to pet her.

To sum up, this weekend was tough, but no one was hurt, everything that was broken can be repaired, and we have an amazing dog who handles a hurricane like a champ.

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