Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Big Tank

At Luna's last physical therapy session she was put in the larger of the two underwater treadmills.  The actual treadmill is the same for both, there is just more room on the sides which allow the dogs places to "cheat" or place one (or two) paws so they don't have to walk.  Luna figured out how to cheat almost instantly.  Clever girl.  So we had to add some floating toys to her tank to keep her away from the edges.  I had to keep an eye on her though because if things shifted enough she would try to sneak onto the edges.

She is doing really well with her tank time.  At this point she is walking a solid 25 minutes at a good speed.  I think the next step will be to lower the water level, making it more difficult for her to walk since she is less buoyant.  They tried the lower water level for about 15 seconds at the start of the session, but it was obvious it was too hard for her.  I'm confident she'll get there.

By the way, we finally got Luna's new harness.  She is now sporting her lovely rose pink harness by Wiggles, Wags & Whiskers.  Thank you Mary Pat for letting us borrow your teal one for so long.


Hiking Hounds said...

That is a really nice pink harness. She has such a sweet face.

Auntie M said...

Wow, that's the best underwater shot so far. Lookin' good! (she's also cute in pink!) You can bring over the teal harness on your next visit. (gives you an excuse to come over)

By the way, would you like to help me get my girls to sit? They've been to obedience already but refuse to sit.