Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Promoting Greyhound Adoption

The rescue group that we adopted Luna from hosts a Meet & Greet at our local pet store the fourth Saturday of each month.  This past Saturday was the first time eight months that I was finally able to attend.  I have not worked a Meet & Greet in years so I was very excited to join and I knew Luna would be a fantastic representative for the breed.
Eagerly waiting to greet shoppers.
For three hours we hung out with fellow greyhound enthusiasts and their greys while encouraging shoppers to stop and check out the dogs.  Luna was the smallest greyhound there and for most of the time she was accompanied by two very large males.  Shoppers loved to see how tall and small the greyhound could be.  They also loved their mellow personalities and sweet nature.
Each grey took turns resting their heads on each other's backs.
Luna and I were a dynamite team.  If someone stopped for just a second to take a quick look at the dogs I would say loud enough, "Luna, would you like to say hello?"  This would break the ice for the shopper and Luna would eagerly walk over for some love.  She freely hugged every person she could (even a small kid who I was worried would not be able to support her).  The hugs Luna gave melted their hearts.  The icing on the cake was a demonstration of a few of Luna's tricks including spin, sit, and paw.

I'm very pleased with Luna's performance and hope that we will be able to attend another Meet & Greet soon.


gyeong said...

3 hours? After the first 15 minutes, my guys are down, and people have to go to them to pet them :)

Winnie said...

Well done Luna!!! You certainly did a great job of showing the world what beauties we are.

You look gorgeous on those pictures. Very serene.

Love and licks, Winnie

Sue said...

Well done Luna on spreading the news at just how fabby Greyhounds are.