Sunday, February 5, 2012

Photos from LGRA Event

Remember back in October when Luna first ran at the Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) event?  One of the participants takes amazing photographs of the dogs while they're running.  I finally got around to saving the photos and thought I'd share them.  Thank you Christina for taking some absolutely stunning photos that I will definitely treasure.
Carefully watching the "bunny".
Tiny head, big muscles.

Love that focus.

"If she had a set a wings then I know she could fly."
My favorite photo.


Sue said...

Lovely photos.

gyeong said...

I do love the action shots. Make me laugh when their ears point in the same direction.

Auntie M said...

Can you email some of the photos? I don't have any of my girls running in previous events. I always seem to go to events where the photographer couldn't make it. You have my email.
Mary Pat

christina said...

Thanks Kelly, you're too kind! Mary Pat, I'll be at the COBRA LGRA meets in a few weeks. I try to make it to all the COBRA/LVCC racing events but since I'm running my own dog I can't shoot every race.