Thursday, February 23, 2012

Commercial Inspired Trick

One of the Super Bowl commercials had a small mutt named "We go" who would fetch a beer every time someone said "Here we go!"  I loved the idea of having a dog fetch a beer (who doesn't love stupid pet tricks?) so I started introducing Luna to the idea.  She already enjoys holding a variety of items for me (pencils, duct tape, leash, etc.), but how would she feel about picking up a cold, heavy beer?  

As always, I broke the task down to help her learn the trick.  First, I asked her to take an empty beer can so she could figure out how to hold it in her mouth and get used to the feel/taste.

Once she was comfortable taking the can from me, I placed it on the ground and asked her to pick it up.  It took her awhile to figure out how to pick it up with her long nose in the way.  Next, I gave the can a little roll so she had to pursue the can and grab it. (Notice in this next video how bad her "sits" have become.  Part of this is due to her weakened left side, but I think another big part is her spoiled mind set.  We did not ask her to sit for over a month so she doesn't think she has to any more.)
We're not quite ready for a full can (and we may never get there since it is heavy), but she is well on her way to showing off at our next party.


gyeong said...

Bet Luna had to take a big ol' nap after all the treats she got during that training session :)

terriknits said...

that's hilarious and wonderful! Here, the poopers get their nightly sips of beer from a custard cup. Apollo would be in heaven if he could get his own beer.

I am envisioning Luna with a full beer can, giving it a little squeeze and shot-gunning it down!

Sue said...

Way to go Luna.

What Remains Now said... are one smart girl!

Auntie M said...

I love the way she chomps on the can. So, you might want to switch to bottles. Otherwise, beer will be squirting all around as she bring you the can.