Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Girls Night Out

Mike came across a fun Friday night activity last week for my friend Ashley and me.  Not too far away from my office, a dog training facility was hosting a event called "Gals and Their Furry Pals Night Out".  It was a fund raiser for "Dress for Success", an organization that gives people business clothes to help them on job interviews. Ashley and I decided to take Luna and Chewie for a night out.
Decked out in pink, these girls are ready for a night out.
The first thing we did was get Luna and Chewie's portraits done.  I think Luna's face came out a little too pointy, but I still think it is cute.  Next, we shopped at the many vendors' tables.  Eventually, we wandered over to the agility equipment and introduced Chewie to the jump and tunnel.  Chewie was not interested in the jump until she saw Luna walk over the four inch high bar.  Suddenly, it was ok for Chewie to go over.

The biggest piece of equipment that they had out was the A-frame.  We wanted Chewie to give the A-frame a shot, but she wasn't having it.  To encourage her, we had Luna try the A-frame (very slowly and carefully) and she had no trouble.  Almost instantly Chewie started up the A-frame and seemed quite pleased with her accomplishment.
Very carefully Luna went up and over.

Chewie had no trouble when treats were readily available.
We then headed over to the spa section and got Luna a clover bandanna and two pink bows for Chewie.  The evening was wrapped up with a short walk on the treadmill.  Luna had no trouble with the treadmill since she has been doing the underwater treadmill in therapy, but once again Chewie was not interested until she saw Luna on it first.  We had to turn up the speed on the treadmill because Chewie kept trying to sit and we were afraid she would ride it to the end.
Ready for St. Patrick's Day and all 4-H events.

Chewie on high speed.
It was a very successful Girls Night Out and I'm glad we were able to do so much as a group.
Plenty of cookies for everybody.

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