Saturday, February 18, 2012

Our Longest Walk

Enjoying the sunshine.
Luna's cabin fever was starting to annoy Mike and me so we decided to take her for a really long walk.  Today was the perfect day to check out the local park's bike path.  Luna was so happy to be outside in a new place.  She wanted to greet every biker, runner, and walker we saw.  She was also excited to see some small birds that were close enough for her to consider chasing them.  She choose not to chase them when she remembered she was still leashed to me.
A short rest on our way back.

Not realizing how far we had walked, we soon found ourselves at the end of the trail.  As we headed back to the car, it was pretty obvious that Luna was getting tired.  She had a noticeable limp and her left side was definitely slowing down.  Since the accident, the furthest Luna has gone on any walk has been about one mile.  This walk was probably closer to two or three miles so she had every right to be tired.  Hopefully, she'll be worn out for the rest of the day.


What Remains Now said...

That's quite a walk. Good job, Luna. Hopefully you got to take a good long nap afterward.

Hiking Hounds said...

She looks so cute and happy in the first picture. Hopefully her long walk will keep the fever away for awhile. It's so great that she was able to go that far.

Sue said...

Great to see Luna doing so well. She was obviously so happy to be out.

gyeong said...

She looks so happy to out on the trails again.

MMarino said...

So glad that Luna is out and about more and more! That is just great!
Rev. Marcia